Overlapping Vulnerabilities: The Violence that Links Humans and Animals
Date & Time
Friday, November 5, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Christian Lim Victoria Shroff

In this 2-person panel, we'll discuss access to justice and the overlapping vulnerabilities, the interconnection in law between animals and humans via The Violence Link. The Link explains the interconnectedness between animal and human abuse, shared vulnerabilities, shared harm of disenfranchised groups. The issue of violence must be seen in context of Access to Justice.

Both pet adoptions and violence have risen during Covid-19. Researchers, law enforcement agencies, animal advocates and lawyers have revealed that there is a proven link between violence against women, children and family pets. ( For more info on the Link, please see: How COVID-19 isolation increases domestic violence & animal abuse

Animal lawyer-educator Victoria Shroff will talk about the intersection of the Link in animal law with 'pet custody' in the civil sense including an update under the Divorce Act in 2021, all under the wider umbrella of pathways to access to justice for animals and humans underlying the Link.

Christian Lim, senior Crown, a leader in the field, has done a great deal of animal law prosecutorial work over his 20-year career involving violence to animals and humans. He'll talk about the Criminal Code, aspects of the Violence Link from Crown's point of view including case examples and insights on criminal justice.

Key Learnings

  • How Civil Law and Criminal Law Overlap via the Link
  • Learn from 2 of Canada's veteran practioners about identifying the Link.
  • Overlapping Vulnerabilities - The Violence that Links Humans and Animals is a key departure point for understanding animal law.
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