Full Name
Natalia Hanson
Job Title
Humane Outreach for Latin Animals
Speaker Bio
Natalia Hanson is a veterinary assistant, marketing professional and online business owner, with over 10 years of combined experience.

Originally from Colombia, Natalia moved to Canada to pursue post-secondary education in 2009. She graduated from the veterinary assistant program and worked in vet clinics for 6 years, which is where she developed a passion to help animals through another angle: marketing, fundraising and events.

This newfound passion led her to pursue a second career, and became a public relations professional. Natalia worked in the development department at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA, and became heavily involved in volunteering at sterilization campaigns both locally and abroad.

Her #1 way of helping animals, particularly dogs and cats, is through massive sterilization campaigns, especially in underserved communities and developing countries, such as her own, Colombia. In 2019, Natalia co-founded a nonprofit, Humane Outreach for Latin Animals (HOLA) to provide much-needed sterilization services to Latin American countries, where there’s a great need for these campaigns.

Natalia has had the honour of volunteering in at least five first nations reserves in Canada (in Walpole Island, Ont., Bella Coola, B.C., and Kuujuaq, Que., among others), and internationally in Dominican Republic, Mexico, Kenya, and of course, Colombia.

Natalia is currently a marketing and communications consultant for Humane Canada, and for the Ontario Shelter Medicine Association (OSMA), and she also runs an online business, The Life You Crave, which is based in the personal development industry.

She is the proud guardian of two rescued dogs, Sammy and Rosalita.
Natalia Hanson