Grassroots groups in developing countries were heavily affected by the lack of funding and on-the-ground help provided by volunteers from abroad when the pandemic hit. Those who have a passion for helping improve animal lives, especially where it’s needed the most, were also challenged during the pandemic by not being able to travel abroad to volunteer with animals.

How can we continue helping animals in need in a pandemic world? Will there be opportunities to engage international volunteers amid travel restrictions and ongoing uncertainty?

This session will focus on the positive impact we can have as residents of so-called first world countries, such as Canada or the United States, in underserved areas around the world, specifically through participating as volunteers in sterilization campaigns for dogs and cats to decrease pet overpopulation, and zoonotic disease transmission.

Learn what an international volunteer’s role is in implementing a One Health/One Welfare framework, respecting local cultures and beliefs, engaging with the community, and having an overall positive impact, when volunteering abroad.