Full Name
Kukpi7 Judy Wilson
Job Title
Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC)
Speaker Bio
Kukpi7 (Chief) Judy Wilson is currently an Executive member of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC), which is comprised of over half of the 203 First Nation communities in British Columbia, Canada. In her role, she is committed to rectifying the displacement, dispossession, and oppression caused by the colonial Doctrine of Discovery and paternalistic legislation and policies forced on Indigenous peoples. She is a fierce advocate for the recognition of inherent Title and Rights and the assertion of Indigenous jurisdiction and stewardship over their lands, waters, and resources. Standing up against exploitative and dangerous resource extraction projects that threaten irreplaceable biodiversity and wildlife, she firmly believes in adhering to the principles of sustainability, conservation, and reconciliation to protect sacred waters, lands, animals, and traditional ways for generations to come.

Kukpi7 Wilson has also served her community and the Neskonlith Indian Band for 13 years as Chief and for 8 years as a Council member. She is also greatly involved in a number of boards and committees. Currently, she is involved with: Union of BC Indian Chiefs Executive (Secretary-Treasurer), First Nations Leadership Council, Assembly of First Nations Chiefs Committee of Lands, Terrtories & Resources, AFN Climate Change Committee, AFN Child & Family Chiefs Committee, BC Canada Tripartite Children & Family Working Group, Provincial Joint Core Working Group (Commitment Document), BC Specific Claims Working Group, BC Small Business Roundtable Advisory, Rural BC Centre (Advisory), House of the Moon (Advisory MMIWG2S), Global Indigenous Council (VP) and several other community-based committees.
Kukpi7 Judy Wilson