We are in a pandemic era which has had an enormous impact on both animal and human welfare in our interconnected world. Fur farming needs to be scrutinized for the risk it poses to animal and human health. Animal welfare realities on mink farms are bleak. Recognizing that every animal is sentient, there is a need to make fur farming history. Employing a One Health/One Welfare lens, our panel will focus on major issues and initiatives to improve the lives of fur-farmed animals employing science, law and policy.

Our expert panelists will examine the following issues:

  1. Dr. Sara Dubois: The inherent inhumaneness and welfare issues of fur farming.
  2. Dr. Jan Hajek: industrial fur farming, which involves keeping naturally wild animals that are susceptible to zoonotic respiratory viruses with pandemic potential confined together by the tens of thousands in extremely high-density  breeding facilities poses serious a public health risk - particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Lesley Fox: Effective and strategic advocacy will help bring an end to fur farming.
  4. Chief Kukpi7 Judy Wilson, (Treasurer of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC)) will be bringing a critical Indigenous perspective to the table and, guided by mandates provided by the UBCIC Chiefs Council through resolutions, insight on UBCIC’s principled approach to fur farming and wildlife management which considers Indigenous ways, Title and Rights, stewardship, conservation, climate change impacts.
  5. MP Nate Erskine-Smith will discuss fur farming laws and policy.

Animal Lawyer/Educator Victoria Shroff, will moderate the panel.