Thank You to Everyone who attended the British Columbia Violence Link Workshop and thank you to all of our sponsors and speakers for making this event possible. If you would like to learn more about upcoming violence link events by Humane Canada please join our mailing list here. 

Animal Protection and the Violence Link in Our Region10:15 AM

Animal cruelty, in and of itself, is a crime worthy of attention and appropriate systemic response. However, research suggests that it may also constitute a stepping stone to violent behaviour against humans. This presentation will review the current legislation in British Columbia that protects animals, and how animal cruelty offence investigations can aid in also helping people. Case studies will be utilized in order to provide real life examples of the interconnectivity of human and animal crime and why it is important for cross-sector collaboration.

1) Overview of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and animal offences in the Criminal

2) Understanding of why collaboration between agencies is necessary

3) Understanding of how animal cruelty can mean so many more things within a household.


Working Collaboratively to Respond to Gender Based Violence and Animal Abuse11:30 AM

This workshop will provide a general overview of domestic and sexualized violence and assist participants to better identify and respond to situations where gender-based violence and animal abuse are present. We will discuss key best practices in supporting survivors of gender-based violence as well as the importance of coordination initiatives in enhancing the safety of survivors and animals who are at risk.

1. Enhance participant knowledge of gender-based violence and the links between gender-based violence and animal abuse.

2. Enhance participant knowledge of trauma informed best practices in supporting survivors of gender-based violence.

3. Enhance participant knowledge of coordination initiatives that respond to gender-based violence in BC and the key elements of a coordinated response at the local level.

Investigating the violence link1:00 PM

For over a long period domestic violence had been viewed as just a family or private matter.  However, in this recent decade or so, there have been significant changes to understanding the dynamics of violence in families.  We have learned that its not just a family matter; that domestic violence impacts us all and a community approach has been very powerful in helping families. This session will talk about how the RCMP responds to these types of calls and what an investigation can look like.  There will be a review of the 19 risk factors that are used when assessing risk in domestic violence and how that relates to animal abuse.

1. Understand how the RCMP conducts DV investigations.

2. Understand how the RCMP determines risk using the DV risk factors and ICAT.

3. Understand how the RCMP makes the link to animal cruelty


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