About the workshops

Animal violence and human violence are treated as separate issues even though the research demonstrates that violence and vulnerability are directly linked (commonly known as the “Violence Link”). In a social system that is over taxed and underfunded, the sector generally marginalizes animal welfare, violence against animals and animal cruelty to Humane Societies and SPCAs even though there is greater benefit in acting holistically which would better support victims, keep families together and reduce the vulnerability of animals and people.

The Canadian Violence Link Regional Workshops will make training and knowledge building more accessible to a broader group of people working in the human and/or animal response systems. The workshops will create spaces of exploration regarding the Violence Link, build networks and encourage participants to identify how they might use their understanding of the Violence Link in their daily work to improve their results for the clients they serve.

What to expect?

The workshops are a response to the call for more collaboration to explore the violence link. It is the gathering place we need to bring together all of the professionals working to address abuse against animals and people in Canada. The workshops will take place online in two Canadian provinces - British Columbia and New Brunswick. Each workshop will be available to residents of New Brunswick or British Columbia respectively.

Highlights of workshops

  • Access and opportunity to interact with attendees from within your province (British Columbia and New Brunswick) who work on the Violence Link
  • Breakout room opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Increased interaction with speakers though live sessions and Q/A
  • Access to the online conference portal to re-watch all sessions post-event
  • A roster of experienced and knowledgeable speakers from your province

Complimentary Registrations Available

Thanks to our presenting sponsor, PetSmart Charities® of Canada , registration to the Canadian Violence Link Regional Workshops will be complimentary on a first come first served basis until registrations are all sold out. These registrations are available to make it possible for members of the police, crown, animal welfare employees, veterinary staff, and violence prevention and victim service employees who work on the Violence Link to attend these workshops.

Complimentary registrations are available for individuals in these professions who wish to take a step in the social, psychological and moral behavioural change towards ending violence to animals and learning about the link between violence against animals and people.

Workshop Qualifications

Registration to the workshops is limited to a first come, first served basis. To qualify to attend you must meet all of the following:

1. Work within one of the following sectors:

  • Police enforcement
  • Crown
  • Animal welfare and animal protection
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Violence prevention and victim services

2. Your organization or company must be located in the province in which you are registering for.

3. Your work must be related to the Violence Link.

If you have any questions regarding your qualification to attend the regional workshops, please contact our team at events@humanecanada.ca