Full Name
Brittanee Cornett
Job Title
Registered Veterinary Technician
Delta Community Animal Shelter
Speaker Bio
Brittanee has been a veterinary technician since 2009 and is a graduate of Ridgetown College via the University of Guelph. Originally from London, Ontario, Brittanee moved to the west coast 12 years ago following her love of the mountains and the sea. Brittanee has been the sole veterinary technician at the Delta Community Animal Shelter since November 2014 and spends most of her days tending to the needs of the animals at the shelter. Liaising with the local veterinarians, her main goal is to ensure everyone receives the best care possible regardless of species, age or temperament. Brittanee attempts to make every animal's stay at the shelter as comfortable as possible using a fear-free style approach to housing and handling. With a special interest in feral cats (TNR - trap, neuter, return efforts), neonate kittens, behaviour management in cats and dogs and outbreak management, Brittanee has found her true passion in shelter medicine. When Brittanee isn’t at the shelter, she’s often taking her work home fostering sick animals or orphaned kittens alongside her 3 personal cats (Odette, Corbin, and Leroy).
Brittanee Cornett