Full Name
Jamie Saad
Job Title
Manager, Special Projects
Montreal SPCA
Speaker Bio
Jamie Saad is the Montreal SPCA's Animal Welfare Projects Manager, this position has her working in a variety of out-of-shelter campaigns.

Jamie started in the rescue world 10 years ago, volunteering in the exact building she currently holds the title of Projects Manager. It’s also the very same building where she adopted her beloved best friend Dakota who has accompanied her through the last decade of rescue work.

Jamie started volunteering with Humane Society International/Canada, which after a few years of work landed her dream job as Operations Coordinator. This position gave her the privilege to manage and assist in a variety of rescue missions, transfers, and projects which have all been very near and dear to her heart.

Jamie had developed a multitude of connections and partnerships within the province to help promote animal welfare in many sectors, before taking on the task of growing this vision further within the walls of the Montreal SPCA. She is currently working on developing programs within the community which offer support, supplies and education to vulnerable populations that will in turn lower surrender rates.

One of her favorite tasks as a rescuer include driving inter-provincially (or inter-continentally) with a truck full of rescue dogs and her side-kick Dakota in the passenger seat.
Jamie Saad