Full Name
Mandy Evans
Job Title
Founder and Executive Director
Home To Home™ / Better Together Animal Alliance
Speaker Bio
As executive director of Better Together Animal Alliance (BTAA), Mandy created a supportive culture that honors the human-animal bond. She sees a world where people are inherently good, and animal
welfare advocates work upstream to help people care for their animals. She believes in giving humans the benefit of the doubt, removing the "shame barrier," and shifting organizations away from transactional approaches to ones committed to supporting both sides of the human-animal bond.

By eliminating the fear-based, often people-shaming, transactional approach from her organization's culture, Mandy and her team increased the number of animals assisted by over 500%, reduced length of
stay in the shelter by 77%, and reduced owner surrenders by 31%.

She consults with shelters around North America to encourage community partnerships, lead without fear, and support people and pets equally. BTAA is proud to have one of the nation's highest Return-to-Owner (RTO) rates for reuniting lost dogs with their owners. The average RTO is 15%, and BTAA's is 86%.

The founder of Home To Home™ (home-home.org), an interactive web platform created to help families, people, and pets with the difficult task of transitioning pets from one home to another. Home To Home believes pets do best when they avoid a stay in an animal shelter and instead are welcomed into loving homes. Home To Home has a unique partnership with animal welfare organizations by providing them with the tools to directly help their community. Home To Home is currently utilized by over 100 shelters.
Mandy Evans