Community liaisons and local dog committees are the backbone of a successful veterinary clinic and implementing One Health solutions. This presentation will walk conference participants through the multifaceted approach in identifying community members who can lead the work, how to identify the resources that will empower a community to increase access to care, and how to overcome challenges in providing consistent animal care services to these communities.  
As part of an organization with established international programming and guided by a One Health approach, the speakers are bringing unique frameworks and models to Veterinarians Without Border’s Northern Dog Program. During this session, they will introduce these ideas as a way to build sustainable solutions with local communities taking the lead.  
In this session, you will learn how to engage with a community to build a strong partnership and community capacity, which will allow them to continue the work you start. The speakers will walk you through what it takes to go beyond a one-off vaccine or spay/neuter clinic, and enable a remote community to build its capacity to keep people and animals healthy and safe.