Is intaking animals the best solution? Sometimes, yes, but not always. In this session, you will learn alternative ways to support animals in the community by providing people with the tools and resources they need to help their pets. We will discuss the use of Home To Home, an interactive platform created to help families, people, and pets with the difficult task of transitioning pet ownership from one home to another, and other methods to reduce intake, increase community engagement and improve the health and welfare of your community pets.

This session is for you if you are:

  • overwhelmed with the number of animals needing your help,
  • interested in empowering your fosters to seek and evaluate adopters so animals don't need to come back to the shelter,
  • interested in having a resource to support community members who need help finding a temporary home for their pets,
  • finding your team utilizing increased punitive methods to reduce intake (higher abandonment fees, higher surrender fees, etc.),
  • desiring a better relationship with your community.

Educational Topic 
Outreach and Engagement