This session will provide an update from Humane Canada’s research team about our foundational project, Indicators of a humane Canada. In 2020, we launched the first public report of this large, multi-year initiative, which casts a vision of what a humane country could look like. It set out our framework consisting of over 40 indicators that we are measuring to assess the impact to animals of Canadian society’s legal system, policies and behaviours. Ultimately, these indicators provide the tool to gauge our progress toward the goal of becoming a humane Canada. 

In 2022, we released the Legal Keystone report, which describes indicators of the effectiveness of Canada’s legal framework for animals. Our next measurement report, regarding the Consideration Keystone, addresses a diverse set of indicators about how animals are considered in Canadian society. Are they treated as consumer products and objects of thoughtless use by humans, or rather as individuals within our communities? 

Finally, a preview of upcoming reports will be provided. For more information about this work, please visit the project webpage.

Attendees will take from this presentation: 

  1. The process used to develop the indicators.
  2. An understanding of the concrete changes needed to create a humane country. 
  3. A humane Canada is achievable, and there is a framework to help us get there.