From the littlest mouse to the mighty wolf, from the city to the forest, questions of human-wildlife conflict are all around us. The interconnectedness of humans, non-human animals and the environment form the basis for One Health / One Welfare. At the root of it all, human actions impact the lives and well-being of wild animals. This series of lightning talks with Q&A will cover a range of human-wildlife issues across Canada. First, Dr. Kristen Walker and Nadia Xenakis will present a case study for co-existence with the coyotes of Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Second, Sorelle Saidman will cover issues related to abandoned domestic “feral” rabbits in B.C. Third, Erin Ryan will cover humane rodent control and rodent-proofing your shelter. In closing, Rebeka Breder and Ian McAllister will provide a legal perspective on the province of British Columbia’s annual wolf cull, which has killed more than 1,700 wolves since 2015.   

Educational Topic 
One Health / One Welfare: human, animal and environmental health