Full Name
Sarah May Linsday
Job Title
PHD Candidate
McMaster University
Speaker Bio
Ms. Sarah May Lindsay (she/her) is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Sociology at McMaster University. Ms. Lindsay's research areas include human-nonhuman animal relations, human and nonhuman animal shelters and housing, nonhuman companion animals, nonhuman animal use and abuse (abolitionism), environmentalism and social movements, disability, “disease”, and deviance, and speciesism. She works from the intersectional perspective of Critical Animal Studies, leveraging progressive pedagogy for social change. Ms. Lindsay's dissertation research surveys companion animal co-sheltering policies and practices at women's emergency shelters in Ontario, Canada. Recent publications include a co-authored introductory chapter on the connectivity of critical animal and critical disability studies, a comparative book review on arthropods, and a co-authored policy report on body-worn cameras. Ms. Lindsay is also co-chair of CSA’s Animals in Society research cluster; elected council and Newsletter Editor for the ASA's Animals and Society Section; Assistant Editor of the Student Journal of Vegan Sociology; organizing member of the Canadian Violence Link Coalition and Bi-Annual Conference; and a member of the Animal and Interpersonal Abuse Research Group (AIPARG) and the International Association of Vegan Sociologists.
Sarah May Linsday