The Link as seen by the Veterinary Team
Date & Time
Thursday, November 4, 2021, 3:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Dr. Margaret Doyle

Increasing awareness of the Link within the veterinary, and wider community, has prompted the instigation of mandatory reporting of animal abuse in many jurisdictions. This transition is an acknowledgment of the reality that veterinarians are front line workers in the fight against domestic violence, that the veterinary team may be an initial point of contact for a victim of domestic violence. In the complex relationship that describes how perpetrators of domestic violence abuse their victims, there are numerous ways that animals are used as weapons, and we frequently see them become victims of collateral damage. This presents another opportunity under the one health umbrella for veterinarians to have a positive impact their communities. Dr. Doyle will present case studies to illustrate the variety of presentations that veterinary teams may consider in the context of family violence and discuss appropriate team responses.


Key Learnings

  1. How the link presents in Vet Med
  2. Recognition of animal abuse cases
  3. Appropriate veterinary team response



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