Full Name
Elizabeth Murphy
Job Title
Nova Scotia SPCA
Speaker Bio
Before being named CEO of Nova Scotia SPCA in September of 2013, Elizabeth built her career in the not-for-profit industry. Her professional focus was guiding organizational leadership to create and strengthen strategic partnerships, enabling them to become self-sustaining and thus, ensuring that their vital programs would continue to be offered in the communities they serve. Elizabeth’s strengths lay in identifying and developing unique revenue streams and encouraging collaboration among stakeholders to see them securely established.

It has always been important to Elizabeth that her profession leaves a positive lasting impact on communities. Over the past 20 years her work has focused on improving the lives of people living with physical disabilities and animals in need.

Since joining the Nova Scotia SPCA, Elizabeth has facilitated the merge of 11 independent SPCA Societies, combining them into one provincial organization which oversees the complete operation of six animal shelters. She has built the business of the Nova Scotia SPCA to include: three veterinary hospitals, two veterinary clinics, four thrift stores, a windmill farm, and a professional inspectorate responsible to enforce the Provincial Animal Protection Act.
Elizabeth Murphy