Full Name
Sonia Hernandez
Job Title
Program Manager
Fix.Adopt.Save, The Alliance for Companion Animals
Speaker Bio
Ms. Hernandez has been an advocate in Maricopa County, Arizona’s animal welfare community since 2002. Her animal welfare experience includes 15 years at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control as a contractor and veterinary technician, and 7 years as Spay/Neuter State Coordinator with Animal Defense League of Arizona/Spay Neuter Hotline.

Ms. Hernandez’s career highlights include the management of the Fix.Adopt.Save initiative, which has decreased euthanasia rates in Maricopa County by 86% in the 7 years of its existence. She was the recipient of the 2019 American Veterinary Medical Association Humane Award due to her tireless work and dedication to pet overpopulation in Maricopa County. In addition to serving as the Project Manager for Fix.Adopt.Save, Ms. Hernandez currently serves as a consultant to animal welfare organizations, in areas such as: expanding and strengthening pet wellness community programs, bridging gaps in underserved neighborhoods, and cultivating veterinary partnerships.

Her passion to help the community and animals derives from firsthand experience growing up in a bilingual home, recognizing the gap between many pet owners and available animal welfare services. Now, as an animal welfare representative, Ms. Hernandez seeks to help others with positive, impactful opportunities that benefit all members of the communities, including residents, pets and animal welfare organizations.
Sonia Hernandez