Full Name
Dr. Clifford Warwick
Job Title
Biologist & Medical Scientist
Emergent Disease Foundation
Speaker Bio
Dr. Clifford Warwick qualified in biology through research in 1990 and later trained in primary health care at The University of Leeds School of Medicine, graduating in 2004. His professional and academic qualifications have been awarded for non-invasive research work in reptilian biology, biological strategies, and in human medicine—specialising in zoonoses (transmission of disease from animals to humans), including an advanced diploma in human medical science and a PhD in reptile welfare biology. Clifford’s animal science projects and publications include welfare, behaviour, captivity-stress, euthanasia, anatomy, physiology, wildlife biology, ecology, and species and environmental conservation. For more than two decades his fieldwork has included both conventional and high-risk investigations and studies into human use of animals, often in remote jungles and deserts. Clifford was one of the first and remains one of the few scientists to have SAS-personnel training in survival, infiltration, escape and evasion. He was made a Fellow of The Royal Society of Biology for his distinction in biological research, and he also became a Member of the European Communities Biologists Association. In 1992 he won the British Veterinary Association Intervet Animal Welfare Award. More recently, he was awarded Chartered Scientist status by the Science Council and the Society of Biology. Clifford has produced over 150 peer-reviewed publications in biology animal science, and human medicine, as well as innumerable popular articles.
Dr. Clifford Warwick