Full Name
Pamela Zevit
Job Title
Biodiversity Conservation Planner
City of Surrey
Speaker Bio
Pamela Zevit’s career path has reflected a passion for affecting change and has helped to culture long-lasting relationships with a diversity of government and non-government, academic, conservation and sustainability leaders and industry interests. She is a Registered Professional Biologist who has mainly worked on local and regional actions to conserve natural capital as well as improving collaboration between public and private sectors. Her focus has been on endangered species and biodiversity conservation, environmental literacy and landscape ecology. She has mainly been involved on the South Coast of BC and broader provincial conservation issues since 1995, first as a Conservation Planner for the Province of BC and after leaving the province in 2004 as an independent adviser, researcher and consultant. Starting in 2010, she took on the role as Program Coordinator for the South Coast Conservation Program until she began a new phase of her career in 2019 as the Biodiversity Conservation Planner for the City of Surrey in southwest BC.
Pamela Zevit