Full Name
Elizabeth Gow
Job Title
Research Scientist
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Speaker Bio
Dr. Elizabeth Gow is an animal behavioural ecologist and conservation biologist. Her research aims to understand why animals/wildlife move and use different habitats throughout their lifetime, including following migratory animals across the globe. Her research on cats has focused on understanding the behaviour of outdoor cats, their distribution and abundance, and how cats are perceived and viewed in society. She manages a research program that involves collaborating with social and animal welfare scientists, NGOs, veterinarians, shelters, and government workers to understand the broad-scale impacts of outdoor cats on domestic animals, environmental and human health (the One Health system of thinking). She is currently developing evidence-based models to understand how cats are impacting bird populations, with the goal of developing optimal decisions that can improve the welfare and health of cats while simultaneously minimizing the risk to birds.
Elizabeth Gow