In March, 2022, Senator Marty Klyne reintroduced the Jane Goodall Act as Bill S-241. The bill proposes the world’s strongest legal protections for captive wild animals, as well as addressing the unsustainable global wildlife trade. Originally announced by Dr. Jane Goodall and the Hon. Murray Sinclair in 2020, the Jane Goodall Act is rooted in both science and Indigenous values. Bill S-241 bans over 800 species at roadside zoos, including big cats, bears, wolves, seals, sea lions, walruses, certain primates, and dangerous reptiles. The legislation also phases out elephant captivity nationwide; creates a legislative framework for ‘animal care organizations’; establishes limited legal standing for affected species; encourages the relocation of the lone orca Kiska in Ontario; and facilitates enhancements to Canada’s wildlife trafficking laws.
The Jane Goodall Act has brought together a strong coalition of parliamentarians, animal welfare organizations, zoos, scientists, conservationists and veterinarians. Join this dynamic plenary session with Senator Klyne, representatives from: the Calgary Zoo, the Toronto Zoo, and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, to learn more about the bill, the importance of collaboration and how it will advance conservation and animal protection.