In 2020, former Senator Murray Sinclair teamed up with Dr. Jane Goodall to introduce the Jane Goodall Act to protect captive great apes, elephants and other non-domesticated species, such as big cats. The bill would also ban the import of elephant ivory and hunting trophies. The legislation builds on Canada’s 2019 laws banning whale and dolphin captivity for entertainment purposes. If passed, the Jane Goodall Act legislation would establish some of the strongest animal protection laws in the world, including limited legal standing for individual animals. With the latest updates, Marty will discuss details of the legislation’s policy proposals and parliamentary path, including Senator Marty Klyne’ sponsorship of the bill following former Senator Sinclair’s retirement. In addition, Marty will discuss the enforcement of the whale and dolphin laws, other animal welfare initiatives in Parliament, and the emerging political alliance in relation to Indigenous rights, environmental protection and animal welfare.